Meet A Professor

Professor Donald Leech

Assistant Professor of History

Department of History and Philosophy

Why UVa-Wise? When I started here in 2008, it was with some trepidation at coming to such a small, remote place. I quickly grew to love it. The work atmosphere is exceptionally collegial, and due to our small size I really get to know many of the students as individuals. 

Advice To Students? Learn. I mean not just learning in the classes that prepare you for a job, but in everything inside and outside the classroom. The habit of learning creates a rich, lifelong path of fulfillment and development.

 Interesting Facts: I have hitchhiked across the US. I have hitchhiked through Central America. I have owned a sailboat. I have seen a wolf in the wild. I have run eleven marathons. I coach the UVa-Wise cross country teams.

 Background: I was born and grew up in England. Since then I have lived in five different states in the US. I previously worked as an electronic technician in one career and as a social services worker in another.

 Awards & Recognition: None, I'm quite ordinary. 



 Professor Yenli Yeh     

 Associate Professor of Administration of Justice

 Department of Social Sciences

 Why UVa-Wise? A university offered me a full-time tenure track position but I turned it down. I came to   UVa-Wise because I love teaching in a public liberal arts college and I wanted to live in a small town.

 Advice To Students?  

1. Health, gratitude, love, faith and integrity are key elements of life.

2. Be a turtle (Tortoise and the Hare): Work hard toward your goals step by step with persistence.

3. Treat people the way you like to be treated.

4. If you can do better, please do better; if you can do your best then do your best.

5. It is OK to disagree but you need to show respect.

  Interesting Facts:  1. My major is criminology, but I have never seen a single episode of Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) or Law and Order. I like to approach a criminal case based on facts instead of coming at it from a writer's mind. 2. Chinese food is not my favorite. Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy are my favorites.

  Background: Less than 3% of the population in Taiwan are Christians. I said my first prayer when I was 3 years old. I am a Chinese American who is a Christian.

 Awards & Recognition: The Harrison Award for Outstanding Advising. 






















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