Meet a Wise Student

Madison Savarese '14

Communication Studies & Sports Management, Winchester, VA

Why UVa-Wise? I wanted a small school because I knew I would be able to get to know the faculty and staff. I have been able to develop a personal relationship with the faculty and they really have helped me become a better student. Being here at UVa-Wise provides me with more leadership opportunities than I would have been able to get at a larger college. Overall, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

Favorite Events? I really enjoy Silver Saber, its great to see all the students come together and show school spirit. I also really like all of the events that the Student Activities Board puts on through out the year: karaoke, comedians, movies and popcorn. There is always something going on!

Favorite Class/Professor? My favorite class has been English with Dr. Scalia, he assigned readings that were interesting and current. He helped push me to become a better writer and he always enforced that I have a voice and that it should be heard.

 Student Activities:

  • Convocation Center-Supervisor
  • Student Government Association-Senator
  • National Society of Leadership and Success-Publicity Chair
  • Student Activities Board 


Ashlee Washburn '12

Biology Major, Franklin County, VA

Why UVa-Wise? I first visited UVa-Wise because they recruited me for softball. I decided to go to UVa-Wise because of the wonderful people, competitive softball team, and great biology department.

Favorite Events? My favorite events on campus include the dances, movie nights, and grocery bingo! I also love the community service events such as the Red and Gray 5k, Bingo at the nursing home, and Feeding the Homeless through the Student Government Association.

Favorite Class/Professor? My favorite class and professor has been Western Civilization with Professor Leech. I absolutely love history and I found him to be a very interesting person and teacher. The books he chose for us to read peaked my interest for historical literature outside of class which I did not think was possible.  

Student Activities: 

  • Student Government Association-President 2011-12
  • Captain of UVa-Wise Softball Team
  • Tupos
  • Teammates for Life
  • Alpha Phi Omega
  • Expedition Leader
  • Leadership Council 


James Haley, Jr '11

Physical Education Major, Lynchburg, VA

Why Uva-Wise? 
I chose UVA-WISE because of the cheaper tuition costs compared to that of other four year colleges. I also wanted a school that was away from home.

Favorite Events? My favorite events are all of the homecoming events, different intramural sports and the movie nights.

Favorite Class/Professor? My favorite class has been abnormal psychology with Dr. Feeser. I enjoyed learning about different psychological disorders.

Student Activities: 


  • UVa-Wise Football
  • Intramural Sports
  • Spring Clean Up Day



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    December 1

    Deposit Due:
    February 15


    Application Due:
    February 1

    Deposit Due:
    March 15