The Financial Aid Process

UVa-Wise uses the Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) as its financial aid application. The FAFSA is a confidential report of the financial situation of students and their families. The information required will include but not be limited to family income, assets, expenses, family size, number of family members attending college, and the age of the oldest parent. On behalf of the United States Department of Education, the Central Processing System will evaluate this information and prepare a need analysis report based on the financial data you provide.

This report, commonly called the Student Aid Report (SAR), will indicate your "expected family contribution" (EFC), which is the amount you and your parents are expected to contribute to help meet your educational expenses. Upon receipt of the SAR, you will need to review this information, and if applicable, make corrections. Students should list the UVA Wise Federal School Code (003747) under step six of the FAFSA, allowing the results to be electronically forwarded to the College.

The Department of Education no longer provides paper FAFSAs to high schools or colleges. If a paper FAFSA is the preferred method to submit your application, any student can contact the Department of Education and request a paper based FAFSA by mail; otherwise, students must complete the FAFSA online at  We strongly encourage students and parents to apply for a FAFSA PIN number at prior to completing the online FAFSA application. In order for you to be considered for all financial aid programs for which you are eligible, we must receive your Student Aid Report no later than April 1 for the fall semester, and December 1 for the spring semester. This priority date applies to freshmen, and current UVa-Wise students. For priority consideration, freshmen must be admitted by April 1st and transfer students must be admitted by May 1st and we must have the results of the FAFSA by these dates. If we receive your processed Student Aid Report after these dates, we may not be able to offer you as much financial assistance as otherwise possible. If you wish to be considered for the greatest number of financial aid options, you should file your FAFSA no later than February 15 for the fall semester or October 15 for the spring semester. We encourage you to file your application as early as possible. The FAFSA is the key to opening the financial aid doors at UVa-Wise, and is the only need based financial aid application that you will need to complete.