2013 Trip to Ireland, inquire within.



2013 Study Abroad Trip to Ireland 


May 21st – June 1st, 2013

Study Abroad Forum Sept. 19th

On Sept. 19th, we will be having a Study Abroad Forum. It will begin at 1pm, in the Chapel of All Faiths. We will be introducing students from campus who studied abroad in multiple countries. Countries such as, United Kingom, Spain, and Australia. Come on over and visit us! Remember, this is counted as a cultural credit!

Trip to Ireland a Go

The International Programs office is now accepting applications for the trip to Ireland during Fall Break 2011.  Below is a  recent article that was published explaining the trip and its application to the relevent courses of study.

For more information or to apply, contact internationalprograms@uvawise or stop by Darden 105 today.

Students Return from India

Students return home after spending part of winter break in India and earning credit while experiencing Indian culture and traveling across the globe

Follow this link to read a recent article by the Highland Cavalier

Student Forum on Study Abroad Opportunities

On October 1, students shared their study abroad experiences as part of a forum for faculty and students.  Read more at the link below:

For more information about studying abroad, contact the Int

Foreign Students Trip to Natural Tunnel

On Saturday, August 28th International Students took a day trip to the Natural Tunnel and had a dinner at Dr. Wolny's.

24 students attended. After dinner students organized their own entretainment in a form of dancing, singing and playing outdoor games.