Natural Sciences : Faculty and Staff



Department Chair

 Margie A. Tucker
Professor of Chemistry


  Science 125    (276) 328-0224

  Floyd A. Beckford
Endowed Chair of Chemistry
  Science 235   (276) 376-4657

  A. Bruce Cahoon
Endowed Chair of Biology
  Science 137   (276) 328-0201
  Van W. Daniel, III
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
  Science 107A

  Jan Fiala
Assistant Professor of Physics
  Science 233   (276) 328-0179

  Heather Gordon
Adjunct Instructor in Chemistry
  Science 107B   (276) 376-4643
  Trevor A. Makal
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  Science 232   (276) 376-3442
  Josephine Rodriguez
Assistant Professor of Biology
  Science 132   (276) 376-3439
  Galen Sedo
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  Science 234   (276) 328-0225
  Philip Shelton
Professor Emeritus of Biology
  Science 107A

    Walter H. Smith
Assistant Professor of Biology
    Science 136    

(276) 376-4642

  Adriana Undreiu
Teaching Fellow in Science Education
  Science 107   (276) 328-0203
  Lucian Undreiu
Associate Professor of Physics
  Science 134   (276) 376-4368
  Robert Vangundy
Teaching Fellow in Geology
  Science 236   (276) 376-4656
  Brenda Whiteker
Administrative Assistant

  Science 123   (276) 328-0203
  Lora Williams
Compliance/Safety Officer

  Science 117   (276) 328-0253
  Robin L. Woodard
Associate Professor of Biology
  Science 135   (276) 328-0250
  Guannan Zhou
Istructor in Chemistry
  Science 250   (276) 376-4658


Adjunct Faculty

Justin Boggs, Instructor in Biology

Bob Collins, Instructor in Anatomy and Physiology for the Nursing Program 

Mary Cromer, Instructor in Environmental Science

Bill Harris, Instructor in Physics

Melanie Salyer, Instructor in Environmental Science


J. Rex Baird, Ph.D., Professor of Biology
William J. Hooper, Ed.D., Professor of Physics
L. B. Hutzler, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology
Joseph C. Smiddy, L.H.D., L.L.D., Professor of Biology
Roy L. Wells, Jr., Associate Professor of Chemistry