Counseling Resources

Two counselors provide confidential counseling sessions in accordance with the ethical guidelines of the American Counseling Association.  Counseling is available Monday through Friday from 8 am-5 pm. 

In addition to our two personal, on campus counselors, UVa-Wise Counseling Services offers students a great online counseling tool -- ULifelineULifeline ( is an anonymous, internet-based resource that provides students with a non-threatening and supportive link to their college mental health center.  It combines the following features into one website and is yet another resource for mental health information:

  • SELF-e-VALUATOR  Developed by Duke University Medical Center, the Self-e-Valuator is an on-line screening designed to help students determine if they are at risk for depression, suicide, alcohol/substance dependence, eating disorders, generalized anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • MENTAL HEALTH REFERENCE LIBRARY  This reference library provides quality information and has been reviewed and approved by medical experts at Harvard Medical School.
  • GO ASK ALICE  This in-depth health question and answer internet site produced by educators at Columbia University, contains archives of hundreds of responses to anonymously-posed inquiries from college students.
  • CONCERNED ABOUT A FRIEND  This section, provided by National Mental Health Association, describes warning signs for depression and suicide, includes information regarding how to help a friend, and lists resources for additional assistance.

For more information about ULifeline or to complete an anonymous, on-line screening, go to

UVa-Wise Counseling Services provides the following options and resources information for victims of sexual assault for them to be able to choose the course of action most appropriate for them. 

Option 1
Go to a local emergency room such as Norton Community Hospital, Mountain View Regional Medical Center or Wellmont Lonesome Pine Hospital to have a PERK (Physical Evidence Recovery Kit) completed to preserve evidence in case you decide to file a police report.  **Tips - Do not wash hands, bathe, douche, or urinate, if possible.  Do not brush teeth, drink liquids, smoke, or eat if oral contact took place.  Keep the clothing worn during the assault; if clothing is changed, place them in a paper bag (evidence deteriorates in plastic).**

Option 2
Contact Campus Police (lower level of Cantrell Hall) and/or local authorities, and do either of the following: 

  • File a report but not have charges brought against the accused (changes may be pursued at a later time if desired); or
  • File a report and ask that the investigation and charges be pursued immediately.

**IMPORTANT:  If you are under age 18 and file a report with Campus Police, they are required to notify your parents, and it will be your parents' decision as to whether or not to pursue charges.**

Option 3
File campus charges by contacting the Dean of Students in the Office of Student Life on the lower level of Cantrell Hall.

Option 4
See counseling services on-campus or off-campus.

Resource listing
A listing of on-campus and off-campus resources for victims of sexual assault follows:

On-campus resources

   Counseling Services
   The Center for Student Development
   Cantrell Hall, lower level
Rachel Rose, LPC, Director & Counselor
Tabitha Smith, Counselor
   Campus Police Department
   Cantrell Hall, lower level
Steve McCoy, Campus Police Chief 276-328-COPS
   Dean of Students
   Office of Student Life
   Cantrell Hall, lower level
Jewell Worley, Dean of Students 276-376-1004

   Health Services
   The Center for Student Development
   Cantrell Hall, lower level

Sheila Cantrell, RN 276-328-0193

Off-campus resources


   Norton Community Hospital
   100 Fifteenth Street NW
   Norton, VA  24273

   Mountain View Regional Medical Center
   Third Street NE
   Norton, VA  24273
   Lonesome Pine Hospital
   1990 Holton Avenue
   Big Stone Gap, VA  24219
   Wise County Police Department
   501 West Main Street
   Wise, VA  24293
   Family Crisis Support Services
   PO Box 692
   Norton, VA  24273
1-877-348-3416 sexual assault 24-hour crisis hotline
   Family Violence & Sexual Assault Hotline   1-800-838-8238
   Victim Witness Program
   206 E. Main Street #245
   Wise, VA  24293
   Wise County Behavioral Health Services
   3169 2nd Avenue East
   Big Stone Gap, VA  24219
available 24 hours
   Solutions Counseling
   18 7th Street
   Norton, VA  24273